A Good PreNup Can Eliminate Needless Angst

 A good prenup will do far more than simply protect the wealthier party from being taken to the cleaners in a divorce.  The document can and should provide some amount of financial security for the poorer spouse.  Without some baseline financial protections, we may worry about being left broke and homeless every time there is

Can I Write My Own Will?

I am often asked if a DIY Will is valid.  The answer is:  "It Depends"  If you are on a gameshow, the correct answer is that a Do It Yourself Will is valid.  This is technically true.  I am free to write my will on a paper towel.  The real question is:  How long will my loved

Estate Planning and Dental Visits are Easy to Put Off!

The results of neglected dental work may be more immediate, but are no less painful to a family than neglected estate planning. Prince and Aretha Franklin are just two examples of wildly successful people whose failure to create a clear estate plan is causing years of legal turmoil and heartache for their loved ones. I