Even Happy Couples Should Consider a PostNup!

I believe that all couples should consider a limited PostNuptial agreement to ensure that their estate planning goals are carried out.  Most married couples have wills or trusts that provide for each other upon the first death, and then their children upon the second death.  This plan, however, is often turned on its head when

Never Put the House in Junior’s Name!

The single biggest estate planning mistake is to put real estate into children's names.  The motivations for doing this are understandable.  People wish to avoid probate, protect the home from long term care costs, and tax consequences.  This simple transfer, however, will create a host of problems for both the parents and children.  First, the

Financial Infidelity

Nearly one-half of adults surveyed admitted to keeping financial secrets from their partners.  Some of my clients tell me that they keep spending and/or debt levels secret in an attempt to avoid fighting over the subject.  It is true that financial fights are among the top causes of all break-ups.   Keeping money woes a