Second Time Around

Love May be Lovelier- but it is also a Whole Lot More Complicated the Second Time Around Ben Affleck  and Jennifer Lopez appear to be giving Love another try. They are not alone.  Record numbers of us spent some lockdown time searching for and connecting with old flames online.  With our lockdown partners showing the

Estates Attorneys Divorce

Q . Why does Melinda Gates have Trusts and Estates Attorneys on her Divorce Legal Team? A. Because she is smart! When relationships change, so should our estate and asset protection planning. Here’s why: 1. We should ask our soon to be Ex to make trusts for the benefit of adult children, to ensure that

PreNup Gates

One of the most reported on aspects of the Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce announcement, is that the couple did NOT have a PreNup. At the time of their marriage in 1994, PreNups were VERY uncommon. Today, that is changing. Should you consider a PreNup? The answer is probably yes! TEST YOUR Pre-Nup IQ 1.