Ensuring Your Furry Loved Ones’ Future:

70 Percent of Americans count Furry Family members as part of the household.  Our pets provide companionship, joy, and unconditional love. As responsible pet owners, we strive to ensure their well-being in every aspect of their lives.   However, against the backdrop of optimized nutrition, Vet care and grooming, one glaring void is legal planning for our pets’ future.  Just as we make provisions for our loved ones in our estate plans, it’s equally essential to consider the welfare of our pets in the event of our incapacity or passing.

Providing for Pet Care:

When drafting an estate plan, it’s imperative to designate a caregiver for pets. This individual should be someone who is willing and able to assume responsibility for your pets if you’re no longer able to care for them.

Establish a Pet Trust:

The most effective way to provide for ongoing care is by establishing a pet trust. This allows you to set aside funds specifically for the care of your pets. You can designate a trustee responsible for managing the trust assets and ensuring they are used for your pets’ benefit according to your instructions. Specify detailed care instructions, including dietary needs, veterinary care, grooming preferences, and any other special requirements your pets may have.

The Pet Trust Should be a Stand-Alone Document:

I do not recommend including the Pet Trust within a Will.  This is because wills go to Probate.  This often lasts many months, during which time, the pets are in legal limbo.  Moreover, the significant costs involved in probate will result in fewer assets for the pets.

Updating Your Plans Regularly:

Life is unpredictable, and circumstances can change over time. It’s crucial to review and update your legal plans for your pets regularly, especially in the event of major life changes such as marriage, divorce, or the addition of new pets to your family. Ensure that all designated caregivers, trustees, and beneficiaries are still willing and able to fulfill their roles effectively.

As devoted pet owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our beloved furry companions are cared for in the event of our incapacity or passing. Legal planning for pets not only provides peace of mind but also ensures that they will continue to receive the love and care they deserve. By taking proactive steps to include  pets in the estate plan, you can rest assured knowing that their future is secure.