Whether we wish to protect assets from prowling big bad wolves or taxes, long term care costs and family squabbling, choosing the right structure is critically important.  When I hear non-attorney document sellers extol the virtues of Living or Revocable Trusts, I am reminded of the first little pig who constructed his house from straw.  The appeal is understandable:  It is quick and relatively cheap.  Is it too good to be true that the quickie structure provides adequate protection?  We recall that the straw house was no real barrier to a determined wolf.  Similarly, a Revocable or “Living” Trust allows me to retain so much control over trust assets that they remain, sadly, totally available to my taxes, long term care and other liabilities.    The good news is that in planning our estates, we don’t have to go as far as the last little pig whose brick house could never be altered.  In other words, we do NOT need a purely Irrevocable Trust.  The middle ground of trust planning can provide me with optimal asset protection while  allowing me to retain control.  A small investment of time to learn about customizing trust structures for your unique situation, can yield tremendous dividends!