Larry King’s Handwritten Will

It seems that television legend, Larry King, who reportedly left a $50Million estate when he died last month, handwrote his own will. Q. LK was survived by 3 children and his estranged 7th wife. Who stands to inherit this fortune? A. The 2019 handwritten will sought to leave everything, in equal shares to King’s children.

What to do when a friend or relative asks for a loan?

US jobless claims topped 40million in June. 30% of Americans have missed their June housing payment, a record number of student loans are in default. Financial strains can expected to increase later this month when the federal unemployment benefits of $600 are scheduled to expire. Against this backdrop, only ONE thing is certain: YOU WILL

Women on the front lines

Please join me at a FREE virtual summit, WOMEN ON THE FRONT LINES on Wednesday, May 13th presented by WIN (Women in Negotiation) to benefit our healthcare heroes on the frontlines through an optional donation to Mask a Hero. This all-day event is focused on supporting women both personally and professionally to help them better

Carrozza Recommendation

Click to see our latest client review March 17, 2020 213-38 40 Ave Bayside, N.Y. 11361 Dear Ann, On Friday, March 13, 2020, my wife Eileen and I met with you at your Port Jefferson office for a periodic review of our Family Trust and Power of Attorney documents. Additionally, we updated our financial status,


With our unwelcome free time and laser focus on health, this is probably a good time to review and possibly update our Health Care Advance Directives. We should reconsider who we want to make treatment decisions in a hospital setting, in the event that we are unable to speak for ourselves. In NYS, this is

Medicaid Spousal Refusal in New York is Under Attack-(Again)

The Governor’s ‘Medicaid Redesign Team’ recently proposed eliminating spousal refusal. What would this mean for NY seniors? The term Spousal Refusal sounds mean-spirited. Should an individual be allowed to legally walk away from his or her spouse’s long term care bills? In many cases, I believe the answer is yes. Here’s why: Long Term Care

Retired Newlyweds

Legal Planning for a Second (Third or Fourth) Marriage Love May be Lovelier- but it is also a Whole Lot More Complicated the Second Time Around Dennis Quaid, 65 just popped the question to 26 year old Laura Savoie. They would be INSANE not to do a PreNup! The divorce rate for second marriages exceeds

Estate Planning with Pre & PostNups 2020

By most accounts, approximately 43% of marriages end in divorce. Hammering out the financial issues in advance can prevent much costly legal wrangling later. If you feel it is unromantic to establish end-game parameters ahead of time, guess what- they already exist in the form of divorce law. If you are the prospective spouse with

Who Get’s Fido?

It looks like the Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split should be a relatively smooth one- legally speaking.  By all reports, the couple entered into a prenuptial agreement, in advance of their 8 month marriage. No children, no one in need of support- what could present a legal wrinkle?  Custody of the Pets!! The couple

Avoiding Blended Family Chaos

When you or your partner have children from a prior relationship, some advance planning is critically important. Some thought must be given to likely sources of conflict between one's adult children and a surviving spouse or domestic partner.   The biggest source of contention involves the house.  Adult children often believe it should be left to

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