The results of neglected dental work may be more immediate, but are no less painful to a family than neglected estate planning. Prince and Aretha Franklin are just two examples of wildly successful people whose failure to create a clear estate plan is causing years of legal turmoil and heartache for their loved ones.
I realize that some people are superstitious. I learned this the hard way, when as a newly-minted attorney, I offered to help my grandmother with her estate planning. Well, her reaction could not have been more negative, if I cursed at her and wished her dead. She proceeded to pass away (years later) with her affairs in such a mess that permanent family rifts developed.

When we don’t have a will, our state of residence has one for us. The so-called intestate laws may result in your estate going to relatives you don’t know or like! I urge everyone not to let the ‘perfect get in the way of the good’. Begin the process- You can always make changes in time to come. There is an almost Zen like calming effect of having ones affairs in smooth order. Now, I need to call my wonderful dentist (Dr David Naegele:) to schedule my (only slightly overdue) cleaning.