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Have Ann-Margaret Carrozza speak at your organization or group. Please contact us at (718) 224-4746 to schedule a presentation on one or more of the following lecture topics, or have us customize a program for your specific needs.

Protecting One’s Home and other Assets in the event of a Long Term Illness Without Giving up Control

The Pros and Cons of Long Term Care Insurance- (Presented by Someone who doesn’t sell it)

Basic Estate Planning for Parents of Young Children. This covers Wills, Guardian selection and the use of Trusts to Protect a Child’s Inheritance

Keeping Assets in the Family- How to Ensure that a Child’s Inheritance Does not go to Their Spouse

How to Legally Minimize Estate Taxes and Capital Gains. This will Cover Small Business Succession Planning and the Comparative Advantages of LLCs, Family Limited Partnerships, and Trusts.

Planning for a Developmentally Disabled Child (or child with other special issues) in one’s Estate Plan

How to Maximize your Chances of Remaining in Your Own Home in the Event Future Long Term Care is Needed

Estate Planning with Trusts to Avoid Probate- This will cover numerous Trust Types including Revocable and Irrevocable.

Protect Yourself Against Fraud, Scams and Incompetent Professionals: Learn how to protect yourself against those who prey on seniors: con artists, incompetent estate planners, and aggressive insurance salespeople. Learn how to evaluate the pros and cons of annuities and long term care insurance. This program will provide you with information to properly evaluate your existing estate planning documents. We will also present strategies for protecting yourself against catastrophic home care and nursing home bills – without giving up control over your assets. This course is taught by New York State Assemblywoman Ann Margaret Carrozza. She is a 14 year veteran of the New York State Assembly Insurance and Aging Committees, as well as a practicing estate planning and elder law attorney. She will share her firsthand accounts of smart people who made disastrous long term care planning decisions. This interactive program is a must in today’s increasingly complex marketplace.

Medicaid and Long Term Care Planning

Protect Your Assets from Being Lost to Estate Taxes & Healthcare Costs / What you need to know about the recent estate tax changes: The program will also focus on how to manage a loved one’s assets when they are no longer capable, how to protect one’s home and other assets when a loved one needs long term care, estate planning — what happens when the “well” spouse dies first and other estate and tax planning issues.