Its High School Graduation season! Though probably not on your favorite 18 year old’s wish list, what they really need are some legal documents.

Once a child turns 18, parents can no longer automatically make their health care decisions. All 18 year olds need to create a Health Care Proxy.

Newly minted adults also need a financial Power of Attorney to legally appoint someone to handle their finances if they become unable. Parents no longer have automatic control over their children’s money, since the time that Jackie Cougan’s (Little Rascals star) parents squandered his fortune. What happens to a child’s money if they do not create a Power of Attorney? The Brittany Spears saga provides both the answer and a cautionary tale.

Brittany Spears has been living under a so-called Conservatorship since 2008. This was initiated by her father, James Spears in 2007. In 2020, Brittany asked the Court to remove her father. Instead, they appointed a Trust Company to serve as a Co-Conservator. This move is costing the singer double the legal fees and commissions. The most recent round of bills submitted to the judge for approval Is $890,000!

The singer has asked for and been granted the ability to speak to the Court about her case on June 23. Some have speculated that she will ask for the Conservatorship to be ended. To be successful, she would have to demonstrate that she no longer requires assistance handling life, health and financial decisions. These cases are not always as clear cut as grandpa going food shopping without pants on. Medical testimony here is relevant, but ultimately, this is a legal question for the judge to decide.