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Love May be Lovelier- but it is also a whole lot more complicated the second time around!

Can’t wait to share the news about your new romance?  My advice is to share your happy news with a supportive friend.  Based on my work with over 15,000 families, I can tell you that your adult children will likely be less than thrilled with the news!
A common objection to a parent’s remarriage is that the divorce rate for those in second (or third or fourth…) marriages exceeds 60%!
Second marriages have special complications that require thoughtful planning.
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Estate Planning for College Freshmen

Starting college this Fall?
This undoubtedly means stocking up on bedding, toiletries, books, posters, and snacks for the new dorm room. Absent from most checklists are legal documents. This is a huge oversight. When a child turns 18, parents can no longer automatically make their healthcare decisions. A Health Care Proxy allows the new adult to name another person to consent to medical treatment in an emergency. No time (or money) for a trip to the lawyer? I have you covered! Free Health Care Proxy forms can be downloaded and printed from my website(click here).

The form simply has to be witnessed by two people. Most people provide their primary care physician with a copy. This alone, however, will not ensure that a hospital in another city will have access to the document at 2 am. I recommend that the completed form be scanned and saved so that it can be electronically transmitted when needed. This small bit of planning will immediately set your child apart from the estimated 55% of American adults who have done absolutely no estate planning. Now, if only, they will make similarly responsible decisions for the remainder of their college tenure…

Ann shares tips for creating a money plan

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Ann’s latest GMA3 segment

Ann's latest GMA3 segment


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Today, personal wealth is threatened by countless potential liabilities. Legal protections are vitally important to protect nest eggs from: financially ruinous breakups long term care expenses, estate and capital gains taxes and lawsuits- to name just a few. For more than twenty years, our law firm has provided customized legal services and protections to families and individuals. We specialize in Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Estate Administration, Probate, Estate Tax Planning and Medicaid estate recovery. We take great pride in our level of personal attention and compassionate representation. We can accommodate appointments in most areas of New York State and also do home visits for those unable to visit us.


A Simple Will Does Not Minimize Taxes

Under current New York State law, an individual can pass up to $5.85 million to his or her heirs free of transfer taxes. For purposes of determining the transfer (estate) tax, life insurance proceeds, pension plan, and annuity death benefits as well as liquid assets, real estate and securities are counted. Individuals and couples with an estate in excess of $5.85 million may benefit from a variety of trusts which can help minimize any transfer tax liabilities.

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